My life purpose is to support men and women to be seen, felt and heard and experience self love and compassion. I offer a FREE 30 minute strategy call.

Caroline’s Relationship Coaching Programs

I support women and men that have been in codependent and dysfunctional relationships to be confident on how to attract a healthy relationship.

Their greatest struggle is they feel deeply afraid of having another unhealthy relationship and don’t know how to avoid it happening again.

Defining Your Ideal Relationship, Why You Don’t Have It, & Have the Relationship You Desire

Want an Ideal Relationship?

I take you through a 3 step process on defining what you want in a relationship, discovering why it is not happening and reveal what you need to feel safe to move forward. This applies to either your current relationship OR a relationship you are wanting to create with someone new.

Bold Promise – You will have a plan (vision) and direction to move forward click to go to page for program

Relationship Online Profile

This coaching program is created to clearly identify and articulate what you want in a relationship and feel confident in your ability to attract a healthy relationship. It covers the same steps in defining the ideal relationship but it also includes creating the online dating profile and much more. click to go to page for program

I’d say the #1 result my clients experience when they work with me is to clearly identify and
articulate what they want and feel confident in their ability to attract a healthy relationship.

What’s more, they experience some deeper core benefits like:
* No longer scared to be in a relationship or think it is not possible to attract a healthy man or woman
* Release their fears of intimacy and vulnerability
* Relief from the deep sadness of feeling alone or like a failure
* Sense of empowerment and confidence they will not attract another codependent unhealthy relationship again
* Free themselves from feeling unworthy of love

Explosive Sexual Healing

Explosive Sexual Healing is an emotional, somatic (bodywork) process that uses a specific sequence to release pain, fear, negative emotions and energy that are still stored in the body. When we repress negative emotions we trap the energy in our bodies until we consciously process the emotions and allow ourselves to feel our feelings. In order to be fully self-expressed we must clear the pain and negative emotions out of the body so we can experience pleasure to the degree our bodies are capable of attaining. Most people have not even begun to embrace or receive the amount of pleasure that we are capable of experiencing. This is a necessary step in order to heal ourselves completely. Explosive Sexual Healing liberates you so that you may fully be living the life you were meant to live.click to go to page for program

Products I recommend:

Himalayan Black Sea Salt

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  • Vital to antioxidant production
  • Critical for detoxification
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