The Sexy, Bold Feminine & Masculine Gatherings



Join us for an evening where women leaders get together to manifest through orgasmic energy, Tuesday, August 4th at 7:00 pm in Encinitas, CA. This is a special event, Men and Women are INVITED. BRING your men…Calling All divine feminine goddesses and all masculine men for a free event featuring local women speakers who will share their wisdom and strength. TOPIC will include how to balance the divine feminine and masculine energy in ALL of us. This month’s speakers include Caroline Andrews, Garet Bedrosian and Katherine Gerardi.

The event is FREE, and the speakers will be raffling off several amazing items/sessions for $20 a ticket, with 100% of the proceeds going to an organization called Women Enough, WE. Women who were ready to claim ALL parts of themselves and live beyond the confines of who they were told they ‘should’ be. We broke apart and reframed their beliefs, their stories and, ultimately, their lives. We hope you’ll feel inspired to donate to this inspiring cause!

Our speakers this month are Caroline Andrews, Garet Bedrosian and Katherine Gerardi.

Caroline Andrews is an Explosive Sexual Healing practitioner.  She is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner and a Yoga instructor.  She has received her Reiki level III certification and actively uses Access Consciousness to assist her clients with their healing.   Inspired by real-life issues in relationships and addictions, Caroline constantly sought all forms of healing the mind, body and soul.  She has dedicated over 15 years to studying spirituality, relationships, yoga and personal development. Her endless determination to heal herself and assist others with their own healing is what drew her to the ESH work.  She experienced a life changing transformation and knew without a doubt that this work was her calling.

Her Talk: How To Balance The Divine Feminine Energy with The Divine Masculine Energy. How Does Your Partner Play a Role In Your Divine Feminine.

Garet Bedrosian, LCSW, CIRT, CBT, CET has been on a mission her entire life: to understand herself and the world around us through the relationships people form with one another and the ways we come to know ourselves. Her quest for passionate expression has gifted her with a love of dance. Her longing for safety has inspired her awe of horses. Her life mission has revealed that, while each person and culture has distinct characteristics, at our core we all quest for love, passionate expression, respect, safety and understanding.

Garet is an International Best Selling Author, ‘Turning Possibilities Into Reality; Experts Bridge the Gap Between What If… to What Is.’ She is also a certified Bioenergetic Therapist, Executive Director of the Southern California Institute of Bioenergetic Analysis as well as a member of the local and international faculty. She is also a certified IMAGO relationship therapist and facilitator for the Getting the Love You Want couples’ workshop, Keeping the Love You Find workshop for individuals, Recovering Our Connection workshop for couples with addictions and Love, Sex & Your Heart for couples. She has been in private practice as a therapist since 1986.

Her Talk: Embracing the New Dance, how my struggle with learning Tango helped me heal my femininity. Tango was also a great metaphor for the need for masculine/feminine polarity in relationships.

Katherine ‘KG’ Gerardi, Coach/Artist/Executive Speaker, is “The Game Changing Goddess” Transformational Coach and Host of The S4L Power Half Hour Show, Every Monday Morning, and Co-Founder of Solutions4Life, offering cause based businesses, savvy individuals and conscious business owners a community of leaders, resources, and solutions to empower expansion and inspired vision to make a global impact in service to humanity.

Katherine has travels often from the East to West coasts and has long been “The Secret Weapon” speaking on stage and working behind the scenes at countless events, retreats and recruited to power up branding, programs and training for 6 & 7 Figure coaches, business owners and non-profit organizations. She also has a ‘calming and grounding’ effect that is customized and precise for a wide range of high powered professionals, which commanded the title, “The One Conversation Transformation Expert”.

Her Talk: ‘Getting Naked Before The Clothes Come Off’

The craving for real connection is a driving need for all humans. The work of recent pioneers has lead to our conditioning that “being vulnerable is weakness” to break down into the truth that having the courage to be vulnerable is the true path to authentic connection. So far, many are activating this with the Mind, talking about it and engaging with the idea in workshops and conversation, and exploring it more deeply in relationships has begun in earnest. The challenge is to go Deeper and to refine the skill of surfing the emotional trigger effects that show up as Retreat, Avoidance, and Emotional Whitewashing to escape staying present with the discomfort of remaining Real when the fear shows up. The Fear WILL show up. The sooner you can make this your friend, the sooner you can truly own being ‘naked’ to another person and have more authentic courageous connection that you can really honor for yourself and anchor a new relationship with. HINT : The Sex is WAY better also. It is profound to realize you may have been naked many times with others by being without your clothing and having sex, but to truly make Love, means being naked all the way, not just skin deep. We have never been more equipped with the skill to be empowered to embody this with Choice, Grace and Sacred Self Love than right now. It isn’t easy, but it IS simple. This talk will provide the blue print for: – showing up Real and Staying There – navigating getting triggered and recovering – discovering how sexy and turned on being really vulnerable can be – how to honor the discomfort and hold yourself sacred – identify the 4 fears running naked through your relationships – commitment to your Confidence


Location: private residence, 1156 Wild Canary Lane, Encinitas, CA. To register visit or call 760-487-8482.

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.