14 Day Pleasure Rehab Program

$97.00 $47.00


Ladies, the days of tryyyyyy-ing to find time for yourself are over – the time has come to reclaim your birthright to pleasure and self-care by finally rehabbing the old patterns where your needs always come second.

I have worked with so many women over the years, and what I have heard time and time again is the ever familiar story of:

“I want to be more in my feminine”
“I want to feel more in my power”
“I want to feel sexy and creative…wanted and desired”
“I want to attract abundance into my life”

I introduce to you, “Caroline Andrews’ 14-day Pleasure Rehab for Women.” This virtual tutorial is your answer to reclaiming your feminine relationship in a way like never before so you can have what you want and desire!

We women tend to forget to effectively practice self-care and truly support our PLEASURE CENTERS because we are busy taking care of others, and as that may be, I have created a convenient at-home tutorial that will make it easy and convenient for you to allow me to take care of you for a change.

For 14 days you will be given short, simple, yet powerful tasks that will provide amazing preparation for your continued growth and development in pleasure, love, abundance and power.

Attaining all your desires in love and relationships starts with you connecting to your body and divine feminine nature. There is no easier and better way to start than in the comforts of your own home.

When a woman fully understands her pleasure, she is in her highest power. When a woman is turned on, her radiance illuminates like a thousand candles.

She is beauty.
She is elevated.
She is outrageous.

This 14-day at-home tutorial will have you falling in love with yourself like never before and prepare you for incredible love and prosperity in 2018. This program must be followed daily, and I am only taking payment from those who are committed to completing the sequences daily.

Finally make time for yourself and allow me as your guide to navigate you through the space of pleasure and self-care us modern women need to experience on a daily basis.

Join me in your journey of pleasure rehab so you can begin to receive all the pleasures the universe has been holding for you, just waiting for you to be ready to experience.

Included in the program is a 20-minute personal phone call with me as well.

You deserve this as a gift to yourself. You are worth it! I look forward to serving you.

With all my love,

Caroline Andrews