Relationship Coaching Testimonials

I want to thank you Caroline, for your professional and compassionate help. My husband and I were having trouble in our relationship and didn’t know how to move on to rekindle the intimacy and your relationship workshop was a huge transformational experience for us…. it was insightful and healing and life changing. I am looking forward now to new inspiration and feel like a weight has been lifted and New Hope in our love has taken its place. Amy F. La Jolla, CA

I want to thank Caroline for a really insightful therapeutic workshop to help me move past my intimacy issues. She treated us very delicately and compassionately. She made a difficult process much more fun and engaging. She shared some really cool tools to help us move past our issues which I’ve no doubt will bring spectacular results.
Many thanks, Nick F. La Jolla, CA

I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to Caroling Andrews and she has been extremely influential in changing my belief systems about me and what it means to be a woman. What an incredible gift she has given me. I am a confident business owner with lots of success in my background but I always doubted myself as far as my sexuality. I am good at being a giver but not so good at being a receiver. Caroline has worked with me to rid myself of that doubt and fear. I feel that I am becoming the sensual goddess I was meant to be. I have been able to move from practical masculine thinking to beautiful heartfelt feminine feeling. What a huge shift. I look at myself now with caring and loving eyes and know that I am worthy.
Cathy C. Encinitas, CA

I really appreciated the opportunity to work through some deep issues that were keeping me from opening up to the pleasure I deserve. I am happily tired tonight and looking forward to experiencing more pleasure every day from now on. Caroline you have made a significant impact on my life. I now respect myself so much more and intend to appreciate the loving being I am. Thank you, Kathy W. Carlsbad, CA

My experience working with Caroline has been absolutely enlightening and thought provoking, and rewarding. Caroline helped me see my situation in a different light and work on my personal growth. I cannot wait until we have the opportunity to work together again.
All the best, Laura G. – Temecula, CA

Caroline helped me to get really clear on what I want and need in a relationship. She also gave me several different tools to use to help me identify what triggers me and why and how to communicate more effectively . All of the work we did together has helped me to get clearer on my goals in life and the steps I need to take to achieve them, as well as who I want in my life to share them with. She helped me to reclaim my voice and I am very grateful. Thank you! Rebecca Z. – San Diego, CA

Caroline has been very helpful in getting us to see the whole picture of our marriage and our lives. She has guided us through the couple’s process with direct intention and a thorough understanding of each of our wants and needs so we can each decide what we want together. We both can be heard and without the pain and guilt. I highly recommend Caroline and the programs and courses she offers. Thank you Caroline!
Chuck W. – Del Mar, CA

I was unhappy, constantly being pulled down by repetitive negative thoughts and beliefs about myself and others. My 15-year marriage was in shambles. My husband contacted Caroline who offered us coaching using the Getting the Love You Want relationship guide. We made a 12-week commitment to create a conscious partnership. The beauty of the weekly coaching sessions was getting to know my true self, healing my old wounds, and getting to know my husband’s needs by developing a conscious relationship with him. My negative self-talk has quieted down and I successfully use new relationship skills to have fun or handle challenging situations. I am extraordinarily pleased with the results I have achieved working with Caroline. Her commitment, guidance, training and experience has provided me with a chance to love and care for myself and others, and all of this in a very short time. Caroline gets my highest recommendation as a relationship coach.
Kimi W. – Del Mar, CA

I started working with Caroline recently after my significant break-up…a very difficult one at that. Caroline helped me to realize how I really wanted to be treated and the kind of relationship that would add to my life and not cause such pain. We explored many avenues of how I got to this place of having an unhappy relationship to how to move forward and create the kind of relationship where I would feel happy and complete. It takes a whole new way of thinking and acting to get the results. Caroline has been a wonderful promoter for this process.
Debra T. – San Marcos, CA

I’ve spent the better part of 30 years working with therapists and coaches to resolve issues from a pretty checkered past. None of the work ever really seemed to allow me to resolve those issues sufficiently for me to have a healthy relationship. After eight hours of work with Caroline, I have not only been able to clearly identify what it is I want in a healthy conscious relationship but have been able to articulate that to my partner and have engaged him to do the same for himself. For the first time in 15 years, we are finally speaking the same language and unleashing the joy that has always been just outside our reach. Thank you so much, Caroline! We couldn’t have done it without you!
Sage B. – Encinitas, CA

Working with Caroline is having me look closer at myself instead of automatically blaming my husband for anything that isn’t “right”.
I’m finding myself having more compassion and less judgment of myself and others. Talking about personal issues with Caroline has been completely
comfortable and at times humorous. I appreciate that she stays focused and follows up with what she says she will. I am grateful for her professional services and highly recommend working with her. Caroline radiates with generosity and wisdom.
Cindy G. – Carlsbad, CA

When I met Caroline it was in the office of one of her many pursuits to help people increase their comfort and happiness with themselves. My first thought was, wow I think I’d like to spend a lot of time with this lady; beautiful, personable, bright, articulate, etc. We eventually had the time to talk one on one and that is when I really discovered the depth of what I was attracted to. But alas, part, or most of the conversation was about how she had been quite lost in her pursuit of the “right” mate. She told me the steps she went through to find her ideal man and by God she found him. Caroline exudes happiness and as a guy with a trail of mediocre to bad relationship experiences behind me, I decided I wanted to find what Caroline found.

I never really analyzed what I wanted in a relationship before. In retrospect I realized that my relationships over the years just happened; probably guided by an ample supply of hormones.
So, I signed up for Caroline’s relationship coaching program and quickly learned how wrong-headed my approach had been to the most important decision in life…a partner for life. I have failed at that pursuit until I went through her coaching. Caroline quickly, incisively but gently walked me through my background and how it had formed my character and she guided me through the process of understanding what I could bring to a relationship. She then took me step by step through the process of identifying what I wanted in a partner.

The benefit I did not expect from the coaching with Caroline and which has been the most valuable is that I now prioritize quality over urgency. I’m not a young man anymore but I’m not going to jump into a relationship until I can clearly identify the pros and cons of “her, me and us.” When I realistically looked at the trade-off between urgently finding someone, (anyone) vs. being patient and making it clear early on, what I want, what I don’t want and where I’m willing to compromise, a load of stress was lifted. Caroline walked me through the process of identifying the characteristics of a person I’d like to spend the rest of my life with. It may take a bit to find her, but that is a damn site better than being with someone with whom I cannot be happy.
Brendan H. – San Diego, CA